Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Gate it!

People people people! In Baton Rouge, LA the developers of a subdivision called Bocage Lakes (off Corporate Blvd) have emailed residents of two adjoining subdivisions as well as filed a NEWSTORY in the local daily newspaper that anyone 'caught' walking, jogging, riding bikes or otherwise entering the streets will be cited for TRESPASSING. I know because I have the email, the newspaper and our home backs onto the property in question. Now, thats funny. They* say it is because they are a private, gated community and, they do have one gate. However, they do not have a wall around their little space of fresh air. Walter Monsour, the voice of they*, is not only President of the subdivision the emails went to but one of the Developers of the "Gated Community"...do you smell a little conflict of interest here? My advice to old Walter-baby? You sold your subdivision as a Private, gated community... well, then, enclose it! I suppose Walter needs to bone up on the Golden Rule, Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and lastly following through his on contracts...
Update 10/22 Unfortunately, now the emails that are running rampant make it seem that the folks who were upset to read the original story in the paper and the email were in the wrong for coming down on poor Walter. He is being held up as "don't shoot the messenger." I don't want to shoot anyone. I question his decision making ability still since he alone must have made the decision to send the press release and forward the email. I still think a wall is the best option for the subdivision. No hard feelings.
Update Oct 27: Still a topic in the newspaper! Subject of OPINION of the editor but to me they missed th point because I still want them to build a WALL around it. This is about greed and money in the first place and although there are many normal homeowners I still feel that there is a flaw in the marketing of this place... and it rests in the managing developer's hands... no matter what he wants to now say. Nobody held a gun to his head, did they?